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{Bump!} Let's Have a Little Contest...

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Now that we all know that Tiny is in fact a boy (If this is news to you, see previous post here.) we can talk names. Gavin has actually picked the first name: Alexander. Rob and Gavin plan to call him "Alex". I plan to call him "Xander". (That's pronounced Zander for those who don't know.) Unfortunately, the family as a whole agrees that he will most likely be stuck with the nickname "Tiny" for the rest of his life. lol (Sorry about that kiddo.) Now we are just trying to come up with a middle name. Rob wants Alexander Joseph. I like Alexander John. I'm open to suggestions. Just bare in mind that I don't have to like or take your suggestions. And it isn't a reflection on you or anything else if I don't take your suggestion. It simply means it wasn't "right".

So let's have some fun with this. Let's have a little contest. I don't have anything to offer as a prize other than the thrill of knowing that you helped me keep from going crazy trying to figure it out on my own. Here are my guidelines. You don't have to follow them. That's why they are guidelines.

I'm big into meaning. (Some ideas are God, gift, firey, fighter.)
It has to sound good with Alexander. (I don't want to feel silly calling out his full name when he's in trouble. lol)
Unique is good.
Crazy and completely out there are not. (I don't want him picked on for sharing his middle name or scared to share it.)

And just for reference purposes, here's the meaning and origin of Alexander.

Alexander: Greek meaning Defender of men

I think I'll leave this open until Tiny is born or I find a winner, which ever comes first. (I'll bump it once a week to keep it fresh in your minds. :) lol)


Anonymous said...

It's weird, but I actually thought of Xander but figured you wouldn't go for it because of Gavin's middle name. I like James, Joseph, Robert. Not very original but they sound good...

Slade said...

awww my son is Slade I think that is a fine name! Good job Gavin!

Here are my picks:

Alexander Mason
Alexander Kane (fighter)
Alexander Kiran (beam of light)
Alexander Micah (who is like god)
Alexander Miles (merciful)

I really like the sound of "m" and "k" for middle names.

MarcsMom said...

Big Marc picked Nathaniel
Origin: Hebrew
Meaning: Gift Of God
I picked Marcus.
Origin: Greek
Meaning: Warlike
Just a idea. I love the name Alexander.

Apple said...

Alexander is an amazingly easy name to match up with middle names. These are some of my favorites...I like strong names...can you tell?

Alexander Drew (manly)
Alexander Gabriel (God is my strength)
Alexander Zion
Alexander Montgomery (powerfulman)
Alexander Wynn (blessed)

Kari said...

1. Alexander Jett (at one time I knew what it meant and loved it but sorry about that I do not know now!!!)

2. Alexander Chase

ohh...I will have to think some more..I love the name game!!it is funny that you said that about yelling at him..that is how we named both of our kids..we would practice saying whatever names we were thinking about using " so and so get over here right now!" and if it worked then we knew it was in the running!! lol

Anonymous said...

Alexander Kerry
Alexander Morgan
Alexander Adam

No particular reason-they just sound good w/ your last name....

Anonymous said...

Ethan - strong, firm
Aiden - fire
Ryan - little king
Matthew - gift of God
John - God is gracious
William - strong willed warrior
James - supplanter (appropriate!)
Charles - free man
Joseph - God will increase
Robert - bright fame (ah, come on...let Rob have this one)
Maxwell - (just because)
Lennon (again, just because)

Katrina said...

I like Alexander Aaron. Aaron means Strong or Exalted. =)

Or Alexander Eli (or Elias) meaning High (or the Lord is my God)

Or Alexander Samuel (Name of God)

I could keep going, but I will stop there. I like those ones.

Anonymous said...

How about Alexander Sean (God is gracious)?
I like it, which of course, usually dooms it to rejection...
ha, ha

Kari said...

Alexander Cole

MarcsMom said...

Markie picked Parker-keeper of the park-English name

Kelly Leas said...

I picked
Alexander Brandon (a fighter)
Alexander Dillion (faithful)
Alexander Grant (great)
Alexander Jonathan (gift)
Alexander Joshua (Saver)
Alexander Kent (handsome)

You are in our thoughts and prayers!
~We Miss You~

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