My Breastfeeding Badges of Honor

35 weeks

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What Tiny's up to this week: Congratulations! You’re now carrying nearly 6 lbs of baby not counting their amniotic fluid, the umbilical cord, or the placenta itself. We’re impressed because that’s a LOT of work non-stop. Are you feeling proud of yourself yet? Well, get to it—you’ve done an amazing job! At this point, your little grower is almost busting out of the womb size-wise, which make their restricted attempts to move much more challenging. Of course, your stubborn little sucker is still trying to move around as if they weren’t in a cramped space. And the accumulationg baby fat deposits are starting to level off so your little butter ball will be padded and warm when they head out of their super snug little home.

So if I was carrying "nearly 6lbs of baby" last week what does that mean for this week?


Apple said...

So, glad that you've made it this far! You're so close to holding that new baby in your arms!

Nicole said...

LOL. I just wish I had a guesstimate on Jr's weight!!!

April said...

35 weeks Lizze. 35 WEEKS!!! :)

Ah...true love...

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